The Your Business with Soul Online Summit


I decided to create the Your Business with Soul Online Summit because I wanted something different.

I didn’t want the same cookie cutter boss lady business event. I wanted something intimate and soulful. Something where we could all come together to transform, grow, and infuse passion into all we do.

This isn’t just another shout in your face drink the champagne kool-aid go get some pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower kind of thing.

It is a gathering for women who maybe feel like they don’t quite fit in anywhere else.

The woman who is struggling to get seen and show up because she might be just a little bit weird and different.

The woman who is creative and puts her heart into everything she does.

The woman who has a burning desire to make more of herself and her life.

The woman who is ready to stand up and do more – but also could use someone to hold her hand on the way up because she knows she can’t do it alone.

The woman who has a calling to help others and create massive change in the world – she just needs the roadmap that will guide her to that transformation.

The woman who is ready to say enough is enough – SHE knows she is the one that creates her future – not doing what the rest of the world says she “should” do.

Is this you? Are you her?

Because if so, I want to invite you to grab your complimentary taster ticket to the Your Business with Soul Online Summit.

You’ll gain lifetime access to my most popular training, “How to Set Goals with Soul – Start with Fire” where I teach you the exact method I’ve used to increase my business since the beginning of the year. This is NOT like anything you’ve done before.

You’ll not just set goals on some sheet and check a few boxes – you’ll learn how to eradicate the mindset blocks that prevent their achievement and write your life into existence. How would it feel knowing you will start your day with fire and complete every goal you have?

This class will give you just one small taste of the magic and value you’ll get from this event. Myself and 14 other amazing, inspiring woman are here to lift you up and give you a boost to that next level of success.

We’re here to help you transform and create magic!

So grab your complimentary ticket now!

Oh and in case you’re new here – Hi! I’m Lauren Diana! I am a Psychic Business Strategist. I am called to help women create a wildly successful business (and life)!

I’ve spent over 2 decades mastering knowledge around technology and marketing. I then decided to pair it with my psychic intuitive gifts so that I could help you and your business from ALL angles.

So not only can we help you show up and be seen, and master all that techie marketing stuff you need to do as a successful business owner – but I can help you eliminate the mindset hurdles that show up along the way so you have a clear path right to the top. It’s a right and left brained collab that doesn’t exist anywhere else!

So please – grab your ticket and I’ll catch you on the other side! I can’t wait to get to know you better and introduce you to all my friends in the summit! We’re here for you!


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