In 4-weeks you’ll successfully learn how to gain clarity and freedom so that you can move past the falsely assumed beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Together we will put pen to paper with the simple act of journaling. I will show you how you can create a greater connection to your true self and intuition. Once you have uncovered those things that are stopping you from your success – we will clear them once and for all so that you can finally step into the life of your dreams.


Are you allowing
falsely assumed truths
to rule your life?

| False Assumed Truth |
A truth that seems like a truth because you told it to yourself enough times,
you now believe it, but there is no actual evidence to support it.


πŸ‘‰ Are you relying on others to reinforce false beliefs in your life?

i.e. Having a vent session with your BFF where you reinforce the belief that - yeah we aren't as well connected and didn't have rich parents like so-and-so, so we can't be as successful as them - with each other.

πŸ‘‰ Are you talking yourself out of things - goals, dreams, ideas - because you think you can't do them?

i.e. I'd love to start an online business so that I will be able to provide for myself and my family and do things like take fun vacations to Disney whenever we want. But I can't do that - I don't have an MBA or lots of money in the bank to fund something like this.

πŸ‘‰ Are you letting collective beliefs and paradigms control what you do and how you live your life?

i.e. Only young people can start a new life, business, relationship, *insert whatever it is you want here* - I can't do that because I'm too old. That ship has sailed.

πŸ‘‰ Do you constantly create excuses that you turn into truths? That you then believe to be facts to protect yourself?

i.e. Your loan gets denied for that new house you wanted to buy. "Yeah I guess I just wasn't meant to have a new house for me and my family. I guess because I'm in this dead end job that doesn't pay me enough I am just going to have to settle for a different life. It's not worth the headache."

If you said yes to any of the above - that's a good thing!
Because awareness is a power thing and the first step to healing the paradigms that got you there to being with.


Don't let these things run your life - I'll be πŸ™‹‍β™€οΈπŸ’― the first to admit I have done some version of all of those things above.

As a single, fastly approaching middle age woman, trying to start a new business from scratch while working a fulltime job that DOES NOT fulfill my soul, AND dealing with a mountain of health issues - it can be a daily battle to overcome adding more F.A.T. to my life.

And there are MANY days I fail - but that doesn't mean I have to throw in the towel, because you know what - there are many more days that I succeed.

I don't have to let go of my dreams.

I don't have to let that be a deciding factor on what I do in my life.

I can break the cycle.

I can be...

🀩 Gratified, complete, and finally find my purpose so that I am not using all of my talents for someone else's benefit.

🀩 Courageous, strong, and always have feelings of elation and joy.

🀩 Self-assured, satisfied, and confident in all of my current and future endeavors.

🀩 Clear on my journey and path - and trust where I am going!

🀩 Finally free!!!

If you want to start having CLEAR evidence for all the good stuff you want in your life, by finally clearing out all those false assumed beliefs and goal stopping paradigms, then I would love for you to apply for my FREE beta group 4-week course...

Journaling Your Way to
Clarity & Courageous Freedom


This course is ideally for soulful, ambitious females who are looking to finally take action on the goals they have set for themselves. They are ready to eliminate the false beliefs holding them back and gain clarity and freedom on who they are so they can easily achieve their dreams.

In this 4-week course we will use simple pen and paper to...

✏️ Work through those false assumed truths that are holding you back and clear them away for good

✏️ Get clear answers to the questions you have about how to move forward and achieve the life you want

✏️ Foster a deep connection with your higher self and the universe to help fully ground you into who you are ready to become

If you are ready to finally let go of all that guilt, disappointment, and those feelings that no matter what you can't overcome these blocks in your life, then click the button below to apply!



  • Intro to journaling
  • How to set yourself up for journaling success


  • Journaling to clear your mind and get a feel for your writing style


  • Journaling to guide your life path and get important answers to what your next steps are for your goals


  • Clearing the path - using what you've uncovered while journaling to clear those false beliefs and blocks for good


  • Guided prompts each week
  • 1 weekly live training call
  • 1 weekly Q&A post to get your questions answered
  • Guided meditation to help your journaling sessions flow
  • Group energy clearing sessions so that you can finally eliminate those blocks and false beliefs for good
  • Access to private Facebook Group for the duration of the course

Lauren ScalfHi! I'm Lauren Diana!

I help soulful and ambitious women uncover the falsities that are holding them back from living their dreams. I want to help you create freedom in your soul so that you can be more aligned with your own authentic power. I do this by guiding you through my own Soul Systems Method β„’ so that you can clear away those blocks and be anchored into your own intuitive gifts so that you finally step into your divine mission.

I am so excited to get to know you over these 4-weeks so that you can learn how to take back your own power and set yourself up for success in all areas of your life. See you in the course!

  • Lauren can get you to the heart of the issue FAST. I have been working diligently on my block for MONTHS and could not put my finger on where the problems were from or how to deal with them. In just one session, Lauren took me on a beautiful journey to the core of myself and found the root of the weed I have been desperately trying to pull out. I now have the clarity I could never have found on my own and I feel so liberated to have found the source of this long-standing problem. I am incredibly grateful!

    Kayleigh Fawcett Williams

    KFW Scientific & Creative

  • I saw Lauren when I was suffering with low self-esteem and confused about where I was going. I was feeling blocked and she immediately put me at ease! Lauren managed to see through my facade, honing in on something I would have never told a soul. I was nervous she would be too woo, but she gave me tools to help me change my mindset and work through my issues. Lauren saw the real problem I was hiding! I’d recommend her for anyone who needs to talk to someone smart and intuitive, and who can see through the “face” you put on. You can’t hide your secrets with her!

    Alex Shiach

    Perfected By Alex

  • I am taking a new leap in life and it has brought about anxiety, self-doubt, and a fear of lack of support. I know Lauren and how amazing her work is, so I just went with my intuition. Lauren is such an amazing person and sessions with her will prove that. She went through her process in detail and sharing the space with her, even virtually, felt so personal and safe. I had a few mental breakthroughs that I am very thankful for. I feel more ready to face the life ahead and believe in myself more so than ever!

    Sudiksha Joshi

    We Are Always Learning