Hi! I'm Lauren Diana. I am an Intuitive Healer & Mentor for highly sensitive females. I use my psychic gifts to help you dig deep and expose the things that are keeping you from living your best life. 

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  • I saw Lauren when I was suffering with low self-esteem and confused about where I was going. I was feeling blocked and she immediately put me at ease! Lauren managed to see through my facade, honing in on something I would have never told a soul. I was nervous she would be too woo, but she gave me tools to help me change my mindset and work through my issues. Lauren saw the real problem I was hiding! I’d recommend her for anyone who needs to talk to someone smart and intuitive, and who can see through the “face” you put on. You can’t hide your secrets with her!

    Alex Shiach

    Perfected By Alex


    I am taking a new leap in life and it has brought about anxiety, self-doubt, and a fear of lack of support. I know Lauren and how amazing her work is, so I just went with my intuition. Lauren is such an amazing person and sessions with her will prove that. She went through her process in detail and sharing the space with her, even virtually, felt so personal and safe. I had a few mental breakthroughs that I am very thankful for. I feel more ready to face the life ahead and believe in myself more so than ever!

    Sudiksha Joshi

    We Are Always Learning


    I felt really lost, without any sense of direction or a goal. I needed to get back a sense of clarity and my direction. Lauren is relaxing and reassuring, and she provided ideas and methods that would help me on my path to recovery!

    Isabel Andraca